Find your style of sweat


Whether you have never been to a yoga class, are afraid of the heat, looking for long static stretches to complement your running or dynamic movements to build strength, there are multiple options for you. Look at our class diagrams to understand which one is best for you and contact us if you have any question!

If it’s your first yoga class, look for classes which are “Ultra-Beginner Friendly”. We recommend you to try the Bikram, Barkan on Tuesday or Saturday morning, or the Ashtanga sequence on early mornings. 


Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga as taught by Pattabhi Jois is a form of Hatha Yoga which focuses on postures (asanas) and breath control (pranayama) in a fixed sequence to facilitate transformation in the body, mind and spirit.


The most well-known Hot Yoga sequence which incorporates 26 basic postures and two breathing exercises. Postures are repeated twice, first to find
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As one of Bikram’s most senior teacher, Jimmy Barkan established his method in 2002. A style of Hot Yoga that integrates many variations of postures to explore a great range of motion in your body. Expect some subtle Vinyasa variations meeting a Bikram class. It will help you to stretch and strengthen the various areas of your body and bring you balance and vitality. “Barkan Flow” is our level 2 class, with advanced asanas and more intense in its rhythm. 


The Fierce Grace® sequence is a combination of Hatha, Bikram and Ashtanga yoga. Fierce Grace is a circular, flowing mixed-level class, designed to give the practitioner freedom to choose the depth of entry into poses, advanced possibilities, ease, grace and fluidity and is performed to
music to help one “drop” the mind and awaken the feeling-body.

Vinyasa Flows

A dynamic practice where fluid movement and breath are connected to a deeper personal intention, a time to give yourself space to connect with your body and beyond, a true space for self-inquiry while you work on developing strength and flexibility with an intense Vinyasa practice that will fulfill your desire of a good body work out.


A groundbreaking Pilates-based mat workout incorporating spiral rotations and pulsing movements targeting different areas of the body. These techniques give your entire body an intensive workout and improve the strength of your body’s muscle tissue with equal focus on stabilising muscles.


Yin Yoga is a challenging, meditative practice that goes beyond the muscles to reach the deeper connective tissues (bones, joints & ligaments) bringing flexibility and strength to the hidden parts of the body, while developing a more focused mind via the use of mindfulness meditation. Poses are on the floor, held for 3-5 minutes and will leave you feeling relaxed and open.

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