About Us

The story begins on a trip through Asia, amidst the local customs and rice paddies, where we first discovered Hot Yoga. From London to Bali, by way of Singapore or even Spain, Yoga Flame draws its inspiration from yoga studios from the four corners of the world. It is also a story of rich encounters with some of the key figures who helped define modern Hot Yoga through their own personal interpretations and adaptations of the practice. Our aim is to bring this knowledge and practice to Lausanne, offering classes in an environmentally-friendly heated room. We warmly invite you to come and discover the multiple facets of yoga in a modern and welcoming environment.

Our Team

All our teachers are fully certified yoga and/or pilates instructors. They benefit from regular teaching experience and remain students at heart, continuously walking their path in Yoga to guide you with confidence in your practice.


“I believe that finding balance in all aspects of life is one of the most incredible journeys and it’s my mission to guide you on your own journey, from developing strength through a strong yang practice to discovering the deepest parts of yourself through an intimate yin practice. Coming to the mat with an open heart and mind allows me to find that balance and constantly transform my life.”


Gentle/Soul Flow & Yin

reKarim 555x380

“I could tell you that since I began practicing yoga, I feel more zen, focused and generally more calm, but the truth is that yoga is also super fun! Yoga is full of small challenges, physical and mental, that we overcome day after day resulting in moments of bliss. I like to keep the yoga I teach playful and fun.”


Lab Flow


“I began Yoga in my teens and discovered Pilates soon after. I fell in love with the way our breath stimulates our bodies into finding strength and balance. I rapidly saw how my body and mind transformed and how energised I felt as I developed my practice further. I teach and experiment with various movement methods and my passion is to share this wonderful feeling of self awareness, fulfillment and enjoyment with others.”


Hot Pilates, Energize Flow


“I discovered Ashtanga while recovering from a watersports injury in 2009. I quickly found that Yoga led me to the balance, strength and flexibility I needed and began a regular Bikram practice. Later, through Fierce Grace®, I found the teacher training that fitted my personal preferences: Combining Ashtanga, Power and Bikram yoga.”


Hot Series | Fierce Grace


“It’s in the Scandinavian cold that I first discovered Bikram yoga, and have been addicted ever since! I have been practicing Power and Vinyasa yoga for more than 10 years, however it was my discovery of Hot Yoga 6 years ago that has been a complete revelation! My biggest motivation is to share the energy that this practice brings and to ensure that everyone can realise its benefits, both mental and physical.”


Hot Series | Bikram


“I first discovered hot yoga in Winnipeg (a.k.a. ‘Winterpeg’), Canada before my sense of adventure brought me to Switzerland. I am passionate about hot yoga and I completed my teacher training with Jimmy Barkan in Melbourne, Australia. I love to share my energy and passion for yoga (and Sanskrit!) with my students. I am also a qualified teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as defined by the UC San Diego – Center for Mindfulness.”



Hot Series | Barkan


“The Hot Yoga I discovered in Asia helped me understand and find a way through all the challenges commonly found in a Yoga practice: improving flexibility, concentration, and listening to my body. This practice has become a ritual for me and it is my pleasure to share it with you here in Lausanne.”


Wavy/Fit Flow, Hot Yoga


“I love practicing yoga, and teaching it, because of the wonderful physical and mental benefits I experience with every single class. For me that means healthier spine, knees, and hips, and a calmer and happier mind! There is something for everyone in yoga, and I love learning about the benefits of the postures and sharing them with my students.”


Hot Series | Barkan, Bikram


“Our bodies are a temple, but like any structure, they need a strong base and a strong core. We build that strong core through Hot Yoga in a dynamic and fun way. Yoga is my base and the union that merges everything in my life so that I can always go back to my roots and be ready for the rest of the things that matter in life.”


Funky Core Flow

Marit Tinguely

Marit completed her first training with Jimmy Barkan in 2012 and is today considered one of his most senior teachers in Europe. “Yoga is not about the pose, it’s about the body.” Marit offers hands on adjustments specific to the alignment of the individual. Her classes are challenging, yet healing, and with any luck a lot of fun.


Hot Series | Barkan

Natalie Ekblom

“My teaching style is creative, spiritual and empowering. I adjust from a perspective of function over form and I instruct based on a belief of freedom within alignment. My purpose as a yoga instructor is to create a safe, supportive and fun environment for all practitioners and encourage them to play with the sensations in their bodies and minds throughout the practice so as to experience the magic that yoga has to offer in all its forms..”


Rocket, Ashtanga, Yin & Restorative

Anissa Bochatay

All human beings are suns, and Anissa sees Yoga as one of the most powerful means of awaking, expanding, and spreading one’s inner light. Having personally experienced the positive outcomes of Yoga (be it on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level), she seeks to facilitate its access so that more people may enjoy the benefits of such a practice. To that end, she notably taught Yoga in centres for migrants in Switzerland as well as in refugee camps in Greece to allow everyone to experience Yoga’s wealth and magic.


Ballet Flow

Sophie Magnes Yoga SUP

“Sharing my passion, accompanying others in their inner quest is a real pleasure and a personal discovery every day. I share my passion also with children and on Lake Leman where I give SupYoga classes during the summer. Of smiling and cheerful nature, I will bring you a dynamic course!”


Hot Series | Barkan


“I come from the Sivananda and Satyananda Yoga traditions of India, and follow their holistic practice for well-being of the total person – body, breath, mind, psyche. It’s very fulfilling for me to learn and teach from their myriad techniques that lead to health, resilience, joy, and serenity. Doing Yoga together is such a positive and productive way to connect with other people.”


Hot Series | Satyananda

Our values



We encourage open and regular exchange between our teachers and members in the spirit of creating an atmosphere of collaboration and harmony in the studio. Community plays a vital role in the evolution of Yoga Flame.


Mutual Respect

Each and every person has their individuality and their own unique body. We place tremendous value on self-respect and the mutual respect of all members.


Continual Evolution

Our aim is to continually evolve the concept of the studio and the classes offered in response to the needs and expectations of our community. Our members are encouraged to share their thoughts and feedback with the Yoga Flame team.



All our classes have a positive influence on physical and psychological well-being. Becoming part of the Yoga Flame community means adopting a lifestyle which promotes a healthy body and mind.



We use environmentally-friendly and recyclable products in the studio, as well as a heating system specifically chosen to minimize the impact on the environment.