🎼 Special Yin
May 27 @ 17 h 30 min – 19 h 00 min

Special Yin


Yin yoga is a great pathway to quiet the body and the mind. Often practiced sited/supine and with the use of props, we bring the body to a space where you can find a sweet stillness and let yourself surrender to a deep restful experience that will help you connect to your inner self.


👣 Intro Session
Jun 2 @ 17 h 30 min – 18 h 45 min

Introduction Session


This class, intended for first-timers and beginners, will introduce you to the story and basics of yoga. Usually given by two teachers to deliver extensive assistance and adjustments to bring you the correct alignement on basic postures and breathing techniques. It will allow you to develop your practice from the ground up with a solid and confident foundation.


🌲Summer Retreat in the Alps
Jun 7 – Jun 10 all-day
🌲Summer Retreat in the Alps

Summer retreat in Nendaz

We take you to Haute Nendaz to find peace in nature and share good energy!

This year, we share a magical place with you, up in the mountains, with streams to explore, trees to kiss, creeks to climb and birds to greet.
We invite you to a unique experience combining yoga retreat, hiking and climbing all hosted in a beautiful cottage filled with history and authenticity.

Come relax in Haute-Nendaz with us in a chalet dating from 1930 and the charm of Valais: The chalet Rosablanche.

Meals will be prepared by Selina. She has been cooking for yoga retreats since 2011 and enjoys the wonderful synergy created between yoga asana and meditation classes and the creation of meals for retired participants. She deepened her passion for cooking when she met a Swami in the Himalayas who passed on to her the art of conscious cooking, based on the philosophy of yoga and ancient and universal teachings.



Thursday 7th of June
6pm – 8pm Welcoming you at the Chalet
8pm Diner
Yoga Nidra with Pascal

Friday 8th of June
Morning Smoothie
8am – 10am
Opening Circle
Ashtanga practice with Natalie
10am – 11am
11am – 4pm
Hiking in local « Bisses »
5pm – 6pm
Small break and munchies
6pm – 7:30pm
Yin & Restorative with Music by Natalie
8pm – 9pm

Saturday 9th of June
Morning Smoothie
8am – 10am
Arm balances workshop by Carole
10am – 11am
12am – 5pm
Climbing initiation with Mattias
5pm – 6pm
Small break and munchies
6pm – 7:30pm
Special night « Spécialités Valaisannes »

Sunday 10th of June
Morning Smoothie
9:00am – 10:30am
1,2,3 Rocket with Natalie
10:30am – 11:00am
Closing Circle
11:30am – 1pm
Brunch & Leaving

All inclusive pricing: CHF 595.-

Contact us at the reception of Yoga Flame or by email at if you are interested or for any inquiry. We will quickly contact you to know your preferences of room, diet, your size and next steps to confirm your registration.

🐣 Yoga Family
Jun 10 @ 15 h 00 min – 17 h 00 min

Yoga Family


Join a fun and dynamic moment in family!

Following members’ requests, Yoga Flame dedicates an afternoon per month to families.

Partnering with Elodie Donguy, yoga teacher in the area of Lausanne, we put together two classes dedicated to families. These special classes will entertain kids but also parents by associating physical exercices with a ludic approach for the kids.

3pm to 4pm : Yoga Family (6 y.o. to 11 y.o.)

4pm to 5pm : Yoga Family (18 m. to 5 y.o.)

Class given in French/English by Elodie Donguy (web:

Price: CHF34.–/per adult – kids free

Suggested: one parent for one kid

🌀Gong Relaxation
Jun 10 @ 17 h 30 min – 19 h 00 min

Gong Relaxation with Katia Jai

Une relaxation aux sons vibratoires des gongs planétaires Mars, Pluton et Lune. Une fois le mental calmé grâce à un mantra, vous pourrez vous allonger et profiter au maximum du bain de gongs.

Entrée: CHF 30.-
10% de rabais pour les membres

🌕 Clara Roberts Oss – Masterclass
Sep 22 @ 14 h 00 min – Sep 23 @ 16 h 30 min

Masterclass with Clara Roberts-Oss 



Clara Roberts-Oss, international yoga teacher extraordinaire, is coming to Yoga Flame for an entire weekend of masterclasses! Clara has always found movement to be a way to commune with the divine. She came to the yoga practice from a dance background. Vinyasa yoga had all the components she loved about dance: form with space for your own expression, also realizing that yoga gave her something that dance could not – an emphasis on the internal journey.

For Clara Roberts-Oss, movement has always been sacred. After spending much of her life as a dancer, she took her first Vinyasa class in 2000 at Jivamukti yoga Center and discovered a feeling of home. As she moved through the flowing postures seamlessly with an emphasis on breath-body connection, Clara realized that yoga gave her something that dance could not – an emphasis on the internal journey. Clara Roberts-Oss received her 200 hour Vinyasa Certification with Lauren Hanna at Sonic yoga NYC in 2003. Shortly thereafter, she met Shiva Rea and again felt at home. Shiva, too, understood the idea of fluidity and gave words to the movement that Clara had been doing her entire life. Since then, Clara has been studying under and assisting Shiva. For Clara Roberts-Oss, movement is the ultimate form of communication with the Divine. She believes the body yearns to move like water and when it does, it hums with excitement. “I thank all my teachers for sharing their passion of this practice with me: David Life for opening my heart, Stacey Brass for her minute cues that have changed me life, Uma for opening my voice, Dana Flynn for throwing out all the rules and inspiring me to do the same, Constantine Darling for showing me another way, and Paul Ortega for reminding me we are ALL the cosmic dancer.”

Learn more about Clara on her website or Instagam

Yoga Alchemy
Saturday 22nd of September | 14:00-16:30

It is said the first yogis were alchemists, those interested in changing metals into gold. They began to experiment with different kriyas (purification exercises) to shift their own alchemy. Using different pranayama (breathing exercises), mantra and asana, they began to feel their own bodies and minds transforming. Join Clara Roberts Oss for a vinyasa sadhana (practice) geared towards to changing our own alchemy through some of these ancient as well as more recent practices.

Lunar Nectar
Sunday 23rd of September | 14:00-16:30

You have heard of surya namaskars, sun salutations, a sequence of poses generally done at the beginning of an ashtanga or vinyasa practice to heat the body. Did you know there is a sister practice to the sun salutations known as the Chandra/moon namaskars?

The chandra namaskars are meant to calm the nervous system and help create more soma, nectar, in the body. We will begin this slow vinyasa practice with a pranayama practice to help ground, moving into the moon salutes created by Shiva Rea.

The rest of the this juicy practice will focus on creating an introspective bhav/mood. We will end with a meditation for integration. This class is the perfect cultivation of the moon’s soothing lunar energy. All levels welcome.

1 Masterclass CHF 75.–
2 Masterclasses CHF 140.–
10% off for members with an active pass, subscription or welcome offer.