Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any previous yoga experience before starting with Hot Yoga?

No, no previous experience is needed as most of the classes are open levels. If you go to the classes page, look at the diagrams and the “ultra-beginner friendliness” quality of every style to have a better idea of where to start.


What are the benefits to practice in a heated room?

We believe that when we sweat, there is a detoxification effect through the skin, through the body, but also in the mind. The concentration comes naturally, because of the untypical atmosphere created in the room, the muscles are warmed quicker, and it prevents muscles injuries but also helps extend the muscles in a deeper way, which improves the flexibility at the end. The overall experience stimulates also the entire metabolism. The relaxation is pretty much intense. There are many more benefits, but it can change from one person to another, as we are all different. The only way to discover is to try it!


What do I need to bring for class?

We suggest you to wear light clothes, a bottle for water and a shower towel. We will provide mat, towel to cover your mat and for the sweat. We rent shower towel at the reception. Showers and soap are available, as well as complimentary tea and dry fruits.


Are there any health concerns when it comes to practice in a heated room?

Our first recommendation is to drink a lot of water, before and after the practice to keep hydrated. Concerning health concerns, should you have low or high blood pressure only exercise in accordance with what your doctor recommends.


I am pregnant, can I do Hot Yoga?

If you are used to practice in a heated room, you can practice a Hot Yoga class. However, you will need to inform the teachers before class, so they can advice you on modifications for certain postures.


How often can I practice Hot Yoga?

You can practice every day! The more often you come, the faster you build up on your practice and will see and feel results.