Grand Opening the 11th of March 2019

Namasté Genève

Following its huge success in Lausanne, the Yoga Flame Team extends its unique touch of classes and welcomes you in the heart of the city in a new temple dedicated to Yoga. Grand opening planned beginning of March 2019.

Hot Yoga



We thrive to offer a quality service in a warm and cosy place, driven by the passion of our teachers. We propose workshops, retreats and collaborate with local instructors and partners.  

Community is at heart in all we do. Come in and you will feel at home. The space is welcoming and once inside you feel like time has come to stillness. It is a moment for yourself and to learn more about the univers of Yoga and all the benefits it can bring you to have a healthier, happier and more balanced life.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga was created through the famous 26 postures sequence from Bikram Choudhury in the 70’s. It has since then been reviewed and has many alternative styles given at more moderate temperatures. 

The heat really does bring a new dimension to a Yoga class. It facilitates the extension of the muscles on one hand but also drives focus and concentration, as a physiological response to the specific vibe of the hot room. The experience as well stimulates the metabolism and drives detoxification. At the end, the relaxation is very deep.



Yoga Flame will be located on the first floor of the iconic Galerie Jean Malbuisson 15, 1204 Genève, also accessible from Rue du Rhône 42.

Galerie Jean Malbuisson 15, 1204 Genève

How to get there?

By train: 10 min. walk from the Geneva train station
By bus: 3 min. walk from Bel-Air stop 
By car: 3min walk from Parking du Mont-Blanc. 




Our schedule proposition is a sought mix of unique world-class Hot Yoga sequences, creative Vinyasa Flows, physical conditioning with Pilates and mindful practices like Yin or guided meditation.

Classes are open-levels, which means they are accessible to beginners who are looking to develop strength and flexibility and strong foundations to start a safe journey into their Yoga practice.

The schedule hereafter will be introduced as of the opening of the studio and offers enough possibilities to suit even the busiest agendas.

Training with Yoga Life


200 hours Teacher Training  

22 March – 23 June, 2019 – Training over 9 week-ends

On our opening, Yogalife International is proposing a beautiful 200 hours teacher training certified by Yoga Alliance which will happen during the week-ends. Their unique approach combines traditional yogic philosophy and modern science. proximité. Unveil your true potential as an instructor and share the joy and wisdom of Yoga around you.

More information and description on this link

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