Namaste World

Carole Wavy/Fit Flow, Hot Yoga

“The Hot Yoga I discovered in Asia helped me understand and find a way through all the challenges commonly found in a Yoga practice: improving flexibility, concentration, and listening to my body. This practice has become a ritual for me and it is my pleasure to share it with you here in Lausanne.”


Ceylan Hatha, Vinyasa

“Since the first day I started doing yoga, it always gave me that feeling of relaxation and peace as well as lightness to move on in life with more energy. I love sharing these feelings with my students, through the series of poses, with breathing techniques and meditation. We will explore the Antastha Yoga, a special style of Hatha Yoga. From the Sanskrit word antastha means “the deepest“, gradually bringing you to that deepest place within you. Using a blindfold in each of its series, Antastha Yoga takes away all the distractions of daily life during your practice and encourages you to focus on your inner space, on pratyahara, the withdrawal of the senses. Antastha provides a perfect combination of stillness and movement at the same time.”

Daniela Hot Pilates, Energize Flow

“I began Yoga in my teens and discovered Pilates soon after. I fell in love with the way our breath stimulates our bodies into finding strength and balance. I rapidly saw how my body and mind transformed and how energised I felt as I developed my practice further. I teach and experiment with various movement methods and my passion is to share this wonderful feeling of self awareness, fulfillment and enjoyment with others.”


Dani Bikram

“Falling from a posture is human, getting back at it is Yogi”. I discovered Bikram Yoga in a moment of my life where I needed to know and love myself. The whole philosophy of yoga and more specifically hot yoga got me totally transformed. I learned how to feel my body and connect with my true self. Yoga is happiness and with an open mind and open heart I wish anyone to trust the process and follow this never ending journey of love and harmony !

Dounia Yoga Sculpt

“Dancing and boxing have always been part of my life until I discovered yoga in Brazil back in 2013. From there I started practicing yoga which soon became a real passion. Ending up in San Diego, after traveling around the world for 2 years, my heart yearned for more yoga. It has surpassed just a form of exercise for me, it has become a way of life, not only consisting of feeding her mind and soul, accepting changes, and finding the best version of myself in order to help others, but most of all being able to offer genuine smiles and happiness to everyone who crosses my path.”


ISA Fierce Grace

“I discovered Ashtanga while recovering from a watersports injury in 2009. I quickly found that Yoga led me to the balance, strength and flexibility I needed and began a regular Bikram practice. Later, through Fierce Grace®, I found the teacher training that fitted my personal preferences: Combining Ashtanga, Power and Bikram yoga.”

JULIEN Hatha Flow

“When I discovered yoga with a few dogs, heads down and crows later, I discovered that the practice of these postures was good for my body, but also for my restless temperament, and thus for the people around me. In my practice as in my teaching, I favor a “functional” approach, respectful of the specificities of each. And, it seems, I use a lot of onomatopoeia to explain certain actions required in asanas (all better known as “yoga-tac-tac”)… Curious, enthusiastic, I like to share my love for this practice that has brought me so much.”


Kate Hot Series | Barkan, Bikram

“I love practicing yoga, and teaching it, because of the wonderful physical and mental benefits I experience with every single class. For me that means healthier spine, knees, and hips, and a calmer and happier mind! There is something for everyone in yoga, and I love learning about the benefits of the postures and sharing them with my students.”

Kara Bikram

“I first wandered into a Bikram studio in Chicago completely by accident, but it was love at first class after the instructor persuaded me to stay. Daily practice soon became my path to physical, emotional and mental transformation. Yoga truly is for everyone, and I welcome all opportunities to attest to its healing power.”

Kara Gibson Bikram Yoga

Karim Vinyasa Flow

“I could tell you that since I began practicing yoga, I feel more zen, focused and generally more calm, but the truth is that yoga is also super fun! Yoga is full of small challenges, physical and mental, that we overcome day after day resulting in moments of bliss. I like to keep the yoga I teach playful and fun.”

Ludmila Gentle/Soul Flow & Yin

“I believe that finding balance in all aspects of life is one of the most incredible journeys and it’s my mission to guide you on your own journey, from developing strength through a strong yang practice to discovering the deepest parts of yourself through an intimate yin practice. Coming to the mat with an open heart and mind allows me to find that balance and constantly transform my life.”


Maeva Embodied Flow, Yin

“I have been mesmerized by the forever depth of the Yoga teachings I keep on discovering. Yoga brings immense warmth and a sense of rooting in my entire being. I fell in love with Yoga in 2003, and started teaching Yoga  since 2009. I love facilitating Hatha Yoga Flow & Yin Yoga classes. Truly passionate about the (inner) explorations of our human nature, I love nurturing the yoga values around care – caring for each other as well as self-care. I try to embody those values in my daily life as a public health professional in low income countries as well as in my yoga classes as a Yoga teacher.”

Maëlle Barkan

“My passion for yoga goes back many years. After the birth of my son, it was strengthened further by my regular morning practice. As a working mom, I found those quiet moments essential to help me handle daily stress. I resolved to become a certified yoga teacher and completed my training in 2016. Deeply involved in Hot Yoga, I continued my education as a teacher with Jimmy Barkan in Florida, in the fall of 2018.

I find joy in sharing my knowledge and experience and I strive to nurture a positive and dynamic atmosphere in my classes, so others can also find fulfilment through yoga.

I love traveling, especially in Asia, every year, for a relaxing family time and looking for an energizing yoga practice.”


Marius Vinyasa Flow

I started my yoga practice willing to sculpt my body; a ver superficial desire then. Over time, I found my time spent on the mat much more fruitful. Not only did I improve, but I also finally devoted myself to this person within, learning to discover myself through the development of more determination, self-acceptance, trust and humility. That’s what pushed me to become a Hot Yoga teacher in 2016 and then expand my knowledge to the practices of Flow and Yin. I want my students to express more acceptance towards themselves and their body, more respect and more self-love, all of this with the slow and steady rhythm of Flow or on the contrary, with the calm and introspective waves of deep opening poses. And all this in a relaxed atmosphere of course! Happiness is not a fruit that we must pick; it is a light that we generate and with which we can then enlighten others, with love and empathy.

Marit Barkan

Marit began her yoga practice while living in New York and working as an executive in advertising. Originally a method to reduce stress and sweat out the toxins of the city, she fell in love with Hot Yoga. In the summer of 2012, she completed her first training with Jimmy Barkan and today is considered one of his most senior teachers in Europe. She follows his approach that: “Yoga is not about the pose, it’s about the body.” Marit offers hands on adjustments specific to the alignment of the individual. Her classes are challenging, yet healing, and with any luck a lot of fun.


Maria Ashtanga Vinyasa

“Since I was a child, I have always enjoyed various kinds of sports and at the beginning yoga was just the next physical challenge. I began practicing yoga 14 years ago, primarily Ashtanga. I find that yoga not only makes me stronger physically and mentally but helps me be more focused and balances the different aspects of my busy life. Above all, yoga for me is just a joy and I feel truly blessed and honored to be able to share this joy with you. A day with yoga is a happy day.”

Tarsila Bikram

“There’s that studio, where they teach that crazy yoga” – that’s the sentence I heard from two strangers in the street & that started my yoga journey, in Belgium, four years ago. I wanted to be one of those crazy people, or more accurately, I needed a hot challenge. And, sure enough it was: yoga taught how to be breathe, how to be kind with my self and nourished an ever growing curiosity and love for my health & well being – and those of the ones around me. Sharing this way of life has been extremely rewarding and I feel blessed to this day every time I step into a yoga room.

Nadia Kornienko Ashtanga

Nadia Ashtanga Vinyasa

“In my teaching practice I present the original way of doing Yoga how it was introduced to my teacher by Krishnamacharya, following the tradition, adapting the practice to the individual, and doing whatever is reasonable and beneficial to the student. My aim as a teacher is to supply Ashtanga Yoga practitioners with the guidances they need to practice this discipline effectively and safely.”

Delara Ashtanga Vinyasa

“I found yoga at first a means of finding equanimity during the stress of University and dance training, and it was that thread of balance that got me hooked in 2003.

It was not until 2009 and finding the Ashtanga Vinyasa system in Madrid, taught by Borja Romero, that I experienced the profound and transformative impact that a dedicated and daily practice can have on all aspects of life.”

Delara Tiv Yoga

Neil Barkan

“I first discovered hot yoga in Winnipeg (a.k.a. ‘Winterpeg’), Canada before my sense of adventure brought me to Switzerland. I am passionate about hot yoga and I completed my teacher training with Jimmy Barkan in Melbourne, Australia. I love to share my energy and passion for yoga (and Sanskrit!) with my students. I am also a qualified teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as defined by the UC San Diego – Center for Mindfulness.”

Pascal Vinyasa Flow

“I see Yoga as a set of disciplines that can benefit us all and be adopted by anyone. It is a fascinating world which echoes universally, and one which I enjoy sharing with my students. I really like the energy that revolves around the yoga community.”


Patricia Hot Pilates

“Passionate about movement, I discovered Pilates after several injuries during my dance career. A perfect balance between body and mind. Exceeding our limits by simply listening to our body. Self-control in harmony with breathing to become stronger physically and mentally. An inevitable transformation becomes a real revelation. A learning for life!”

Raffaella Bikram

“It’s in the Scandinavian cold that I first discovered Bikram yoga, and have been addicted ever since! I have been practicing Power and Vinyasa yoga for more than 10 years, however it was my discovery of Hot Yoga 6 years ago that has been a complete revelation! My biggest motivation is to share the energy that this practice brings and to ensure that everyone can realise its benefits, both mental and physical.”



Raquel Yin

“Nature lover and world traveler, I started contemporary dance at an early age and later realised the power and influence of Yoga. Beyond the physical, Yoga and its philosophy has totally changed my life, helping me to trust myself and giving me a joy that I love to share with my students.”

Sophie Hot Series | Barkan

“Sharing my passion, accompanying others in their inner quest is a real pleasure and a personal discovery every day. I share my passion also with children and on Lake Leman where I give SupYoga classes during the summer. Of smiling and cheerful nature, I will bring you a dynamic course!”


Jackie Fierce Grace

I had my first Pilates Mat certification in 2012 and Barre in 2013. Constantly exploring for balance, yoga has naturally taken an important place in my daily life, as much for its benefits as for its multiple facet that allow to always have a practice adapted to each desires / needs. I like to guide my students to dive into their practice, explore, appreciate each sensation and always keep their best smile to practice with a good positive energy. My classes are inspired by the energy of the moment, open to both beginners and experienced students with a touch of music to spice up everything.

Valentine Forrest Yoga

“I discovered yoga while I was looking for a better work-life balance. Immediately seduced by the physical benefits, I quickly felt that yoga had much more to offer and it is by deepening my practice, over the years, that the desire to share my passion has become ever more present. Trained with Ana Forrest, creator of Forrest Yoga, I am currently the only active teacher of Forrest Yoga in the Lausanne region. More than goals, they are dreams and three simple values ​​- love, kindness and compassion – that guide my journey. My greatest pleasure is to be able to share with authenticity, what I learn daily through yoga.”