Privates / Semi-Privates

Train with your favorite instructors in private lessons to meet your individual needs, learn about postural adjustments specific to your body, and gradually discover the untapped potential of your practice.

Semi-private yoga classes can also be an opportunity for birthday parties, corporate meetings, and special events such as a bachelor party.

We also offer treatments with certified practitioners such as massages, reflexology and other therapies to give you personal well-being.

Asana Clinics

Whether you have just started yoga or have practiced for years, we are always working on correct alignment. Come and discover the correct alignment of your body on any specific posture.

We will break down the Asanas for you to find your alignment. You will notice that the poses become easier, provide more physical benefits, and your practice progresses in a safer and more consistent manner.

Bikram Private

Advice for approaching this healing practice with a healthy foundation until approaching the more advanced poses.
Questions and answers with the teacher as well as individual corrections and adjustments. History and philosophy of Hatha yoga and more precisely of the sequence of 26 & 2 by Bikram Choudhury.

Body Assessment

Take a personal assessment of your body to get to know and accept it.
Go on a discovery of the different parts of your body, its limitations and the areas that can gain in range of motion, flexibility or strength.


Holistic Yoga practices to work the breath, the mind and the consciousness. We explore different breathing and meditation techniques that can be used to solve problems linked with concentration, stress or anxiety.


Come ready to sense your body in different ways and prepare to
leave empowered and relaxed. De Armouring focuses on all
systems of our beings. The design of the discovery session focuses on re-sensitising forgotten body zones that ignites blockages release. Your body feels immediately liberated, light, relieved from stress, pain, stuck emotions. Perfect for those looking for healing emotional tensions, activating and expanding pleasure sensations in the full body.

Self Practice

The commitment isn’t a commitment to daily exercise but a commitment to daily self reflection, exploration of the body we live in, daily practice of the tools used to help quiet the mind and find space in the body for equanimity to manifest.
The aim of this program is to introduce you to the concept of self practice through a modified approach to the Ashtanga yoga method making it accessible to all levels of practitioners and every-body.

Private Vinyasa

A tailor-made (dynamic) Vinyasa Yoga class, in which the instructor transmits his best teachings to you and guides you personally. On request, this course can address a posture, the opening of certain parts of the body or, for example, work on breathing or meditation.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a massage therapy technique which consists in totally relaxing the body in order to drive away anxiety by creating a moment of awakening of the body and the mind. The benefits are numerous: better digestion, restful sleep and guaranteed well-being.


A specific touch on certain plantar reflex zones makes it possible to localize tensions or imbalances and aims to restore a balance in the parts of the body concerned.

Reflexology is particularly indicated in functional disorders: stress management, back pain, digestive disorders, migraines, sleep disorders, respiratory disorders, menstrual pain, joint pain …

Yoga Photoshoot

If you like the photos on our site and want to have quality yoga photos, for your website, flyers, Instagram and Facebook, book your spot for a private yoga photoshoot.

Deliverables include 15-20 high definition, retouched images.


1 Private class

60 minutes session


+ CHF25/ extra person

Multiple private classes

8 hours at your convenience


+ CHF25/hour/extra person


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