Safety Measures

Please take note of the sanitary measures in place so that everyone can come and practice with a calm and confident mind.
Our policies might evolve and become stricter to reflect the current context.

Show your Covid Pass.

If you have a Covid Pass, please show it once at the desk so we can update your account in our system. We are keeping a track to ensure that at least up to 80% of people coming at the studio have a Covid Pass.

Yoga Flame Studio

Stay at home if you experience symptoms.

Are you feeling ill or experiencing symptoms of illness? Stay at home, take the coronavirus check or call your doctor. Practicing Yoga with us will not magically cure any flu condition.

Keep your distance.

We will limit the number of person per class in order to respect a safe distance between the mats. The areas of the lounges and showers will also be restricted to a maximum number of persons. When possible please shower at home. Leave space between you and the person in front of you when standing in line (for example at reception or in the stairs).


Avoid physical contact

We love having connections in our studios, however let’s avoid hugs and hand shaking in favor for Namasté salutations which is the perfect way to greet nowadays when done genuinely. Teachers won’t be giving hands-on adjustments until further notice. 

Wear a mask

It is mandatory to wear a mask if you can’t keep social distancing in the areas of reception, corridors, bathrooms and yoga shala.

Yoga Flame lausanne

Thank you for your collaboration.