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Welcome to a hidden place

The story begins on a trip through Asia, amidst the local customs and rice paddies, where we first discovered Hot Yoga. From London to Bali, by way of Singapore or even Spain, Yoga Flame draws its inspiration from yoga studios from the four corners of the world. It is also a story of rich encounters with some of the key figures who helped define modern Hot Yoga through their own personal interpretations and adaptations of the practice. Our aim is to bring this knowledge and practice to Lausanne, offering classes in an environmentally-friendly heated room. We warmly invite you to come and discover the multiple facets of yoga in a modern and welcoming environment.

Yoga Flame Studio


All our classes have a positive influence on physical and psychological well-being. Becoming part of the Yoga Flame community means adopting a lifestyle which promotes a healthy body and mind..


We use environmentally-friendly and recyclable products in the studio, as well as a heating system specifically chosen to minimize the impact on the environment.


Mutual Respect

Each and every person has their individuality and their own unique body. We place tremendous value on self-respect and the mutual respect of all members.


We encourage open and regular exchange between our teachers and members in the spirit of creating an atmosphere of collaboration and harmony in the studio. Community plays a vital role in the evolution of Yoga Flame.


Continual Evolution

Our aim is to continually evolve the concept of the studio and the classes offered in response to the needs and expectations of our community. Our members are encouraged to share their thoughts and feedback with the Yoga Flame team.