Healthy Warriors | Arius Yoga

Quand :
17 mars 2018 @ 14 h 00 min – 18 mars 2018 @ 16 h 30 min
Healthy Warriors | Arius Yoga

Workshop donné en Frenglish 🙂
(Aria & Gus speak french/english)


Join Aria and Gus for a fast-paced flow. This class reflects the movements of their own physical practice and personality. This warrior class will build up foundational strength, boost your confidence and teach you how to progress quickly into postures that you never thought possible. We will combine a series of flexibility-focused postures to help us move into challenging inversions and arm balances with a new sense of ease. Don’t be scared no matter where you are in your practice you will see the progress after this flow. The mantra that you need to adopt is I CAN. We will have fun with advanced poses and transitions while seeking a higher level of focus and a new sense of mindfulness.


Getting inverted in your yoga practice can be fun but it can also be intimidating. We’ll teach you how to get upside down and into other fun balancing postures, plus mix in some partner work to create connection between all the yogis in the room. Great for students new to inversions as well as for advanced practitioners looking to expand their skills. Let’s have fun and sweat together. All levels welcome.

1 day CHF 90.-
2 days CHF  160.-
10 % discount for members


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