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I hope that through my work as a content creator I am able to showcase Yoga Flame’s wonderful atmosphere, from its ambience of tranquility to its sense of community and love. I hope both newcomers and experienced practitioners alike feel drawn to come and experience the power of this community: to enrich their personal practice, and to help unleash the inner yogi that resides inside each and every one of us.

The notion of respect is often perceived towards others, how do you see it when it comes to ourselves?

To me, respect towards others and respect towards myself are fundamentally the same: respect = acceptance. Having a healthy level of self-respect has allowed me pour love into myself, the same way I would for others. Respecting myself means I have the confidence to set firm boundaries. It means I know who I am, what im standing for, and that I can recognize and equally accept both my flaws and my strengths. One of the strongest ways in which I have continuously shown respect towards myself has been through discipline towards my practice. I believe that discipline is one of the strongest forms of self-love, because it involves ignoring or delaying current pleasures for the possibility of bigger rewards to come. It means I love myself enough to give myself everything I have ever wanted; working towards calming and quietening my mind, and bringing myself (physically and spiritually) closer and closer towards the most noble version of myself.

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