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In my role within Yoga Flame team, I will be responsible for creating and sharing video previews of the various classes offered by the Studio. During special events, I will also capture key moments to showcase the Studio’s atmosphere and inspire new members to explore yoga and become part of this amazing community.

Passionate about yoga since 2019, I started a 500 hours teacher training in January 2023 with Sophie from FeelGoodYoga. Yoga has allowed me to discover a new world, providing a beautiful balance in life.As a very active person, yoga has allowed me to slow down, focus on my sensations, emotions, and breath, a vital element in both yoga and life. By slowing down, I’ve come to know and respect myself better, and I aim to share this beautiful practice with curious souls ! I offer a Vinyasa yoga where the body expresses itself in a fluid and sometimes free manner, as exploring sensations also happens through the freedom of movement. Thanks to yoga, I go into my own bubble, quieting my mind and finding balance. Indeed, being passionate about dance since the age of 4, I rediscovered its path through bachata. A magnificent dance shared between two, engaging all our senses.

Yoga allows you to achieve serenity and reconnect with your inner self. The balance between yoga and dance symbolizes life’s equilibrium for me: alternating moments where all my senses are engaged and my movements are shared, and moments where “the self” takes precedence, focusing on my well-being. Since July, I have successfully managed to bring together around thirty people by giving weekly outdoor classes, which has been a unique experience that I have the great pleasure of developing! Additionally, having been a primary school teacher for 6 years, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and witnessing my student’s progress.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat for a practice that is gentle, fluid, challenging and dynamic

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