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How can diversity have a positive impact on students in a yoga class?

Defining diversity isn’t easy, firstly because it involves the individual and a multitude of factors.

What’s magnificent is when this sum of individuals, with their multiple histories, varied origins and diverse cultures, are able to find themselves together on a mat, for the time of a class and a common practice, that of yoga.

Here, we are all the same, dressed in the same way, practising the same asanas, sweating in the same way, whatever our level or flexibility.
Despite a real sense of modesty, during these times we share more than anything else this desire, this need to feel better afterwards.
We leave with the same feeling of having accomplished what was good for us, for our body or for our mind.
In the end, it’s both the diversity of our beings and the common sharing of our passion that makes us the community we call yoga.

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