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Create a strong connected happy loving yogi community in Geneva via bi-monthly informal gatherings. Keep members informed about studio’s upcoming events.

Why is community important to you and how does it relate to your yoga teachings?

Yoga is more than just a sporty experience combining movement and breath. This is also a social adventure! Isn’t it a magical and irreplaceable moment to practice for yourself in a caring atmosphere feeling the vibes of other yogi surrounding one another in the studio? Yoga represents the perfect balance for me. Enabling me to stay physically and mentally healthy. In-between practices I cherish and practice – running and ballet. Plus the perfect balance to my active life juggling between family and professional life.

(Not yet – who knows 😊) a yoga teacher, but as an addicted practioner, yoga brings me a deep sense of community, very complementary to my other ‘’worlds’’. Each teacher, through its practice, musical choices and personality creates an environment favorable to develop the human caring touch so specific to yoga.

The physical, social wellness and energy created after a year attending classes in Yoga Flame through the practice and getting to interact, know other people is tremendous! Very enriching, opening, caring, friendly and loving experiences which I would like to continue sharing with the community. I am thrilled to be a part of this studio adventure and to bring my love for movement and empathic exchanges via bi-monthly gatherings at the studio. I am very open to any suggestion to make those community gathering moments happy, warm, welcoming, and energizing to everyone! So please come and speak to me anytime!

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