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Defy your Habits
A ten-week personal health journey

Change your lifestyle

Are you looking to improve your habits and develop a healthier lifestyle? Achieve your individual goals with your personal health coach. This program offers a transformative ten-week holistic wellbeing journey, guided by state-of-the-art facilitators. Anchored into the latest research and evidence-based approaches, the “Defy Your Habits” program offered by Yoga Flame, Swiss yoga studios, builds on the health coaching method developed by the Department of Sport, Physical Activity and Health (DSBG, Univ. Basel) and SalutaCoach AG. Join us and let’s step on this personal development journey together!

Personal Health Coaching

The program includes personal coaching on movement, nutrition, stress and sleep management.  Meet your coaches, Stefan Bodenstab & Daphna Daily.

Stefan has a Nutrition Degree from Granada University in Spain and is a certified Personal Health Coach (EMR recognized)  from the University of  Basel which he uses as a foundation to Read More


These small group sessions are an integral part of the program. Participants are encouraged to share and discuss obstacles found on the way with each other. Openly and mindfully communicating with the group helps sharing best practices, get inspired and motivated by your peers. Group sessions are Read More

Optional Services

To support and take you deeper into your habits, the program proposes optional services from practitioners in our community at a preferred rate like:
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The health coaching methodology we offer in this program has been developed by the Department of Sport, Physical Activity and Health (DSBG) of the University of Basel and SalutaCoach AG. It is the first ever coaching method that has been recognized in 2020 by the Swiss EMR quality label. Most Swiss health insurers use this label as basis for re-imbursement.

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Practical Information


You can register anytime using the form below. As soon as we have a small number of participants, we will propose the sat-sangs group sessions

Personal Coaching: 1:1 Online/Phone Calls
Group Sat-Sangs: Online or at Yoga Flame
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In phase 1, we get to know each other, create a safe and confidential environment, explain our roles and approaches. During phase 1 we will also develop our first goals.

Phase 2 makes up approximately 50% of our journey. We will be working on the goals defined in phase 1. We’ll overcome Read More

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