Zermatt Flow Escape

Embrace the Fall: 5-Day Journey of Embodiment and Alpine Adventure Amidst Nature

14th - 18th September 2024, Zermatt, Switzerland

Embrace the serenity of the natural world with our Nature Retreats. Set in tranquil and breathtaking environments, these retreats invite you to integrate your yoga practice with the healing elements of nature. They are an opportunity to disconnect from the hustle of daily life and reconnect with the earth, finding peace, grounding and rejuvenation.

Connect to nature, reconnet to yourself.

Under the watchful gaze of the majestic Matterhorn and alpine landscape, step into a 5-day journey of self-discovery,  adventure  and immersion in the natural beauty of Zermatt. 

Are You Ready for the Unfamiliar? Pack your bags and join us as we greet the beginning of Autumn under the glow of the full moon.  Find balance, reset and connect to your authentic  self.  Embrace the community spirit and experience the mystical and grounding energies of Zermatt together. 

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14th - 18th of September 2024 
(from Saturday to Wednesday)

The adventure that awaits

Why choose Zermatt, you ask? Zermatt is a world famous care-free mountain village destination that attracts explorers, adventurers, pioneers and wellness travelers. We will gather amidst the rugged high-altitude alpine beauty. With the mighty,  Matterhorn mountain, a grounding and healing presence. The village is authentically quaint yet cosmopolitan.

At Yoga Flame, we cherish holistic adventures where our community becomes family.  We’ve partnered with the local Into the Wild and woven together a unique program rich with local customs, hidden gems, and yoga that invites you to connect deeply with the essence of Zermatt alongside our welcoming community.

Tonya, a cherished member of our yoga family from Geneva, is now, a Zermatt local. Through her organization, Into the Wild, she, welcomes you and offers a beautiful and truly enchanting nature experience. Curated a very special experience. It’s a vibrant, beautiful collaboration, coming along with Maeva, who will sprinkle some embodiment practices, coming together for the first time to bring you into our world with many surprises!

Snapshot of Your Journey

Autumn is enchanting time in Zermatt. A time to reflect and prepare for the coming season. The village is surrounded by the beautiful colors of the autumn. Enjoy modern comforts with a rich tradition and culture of nature and mindful being.

Our retreats embrace the thrill of surprise, blending accessible adventures with the magic of full moon and sunrise activities. We’ll keep our schedule a delightful secret, revealing each day’s plan as it unfolds, adding an element of excitement and discovery to your journey.

The CERVO experience

The first holistic hotel in Switzerland and second best holistic hotel in Europe.

“CERVO is a way of life – local, authentic and at the same time cosmopolitan with an understanding of mindful being. A holistic design with lots of loving details and casual luxury. A place to celebrate and enjoy with friends. A base camp for exploration and adventure in the mighty mountains of Zermatt. A place of power at the foot of the mystical Matterhorn for body and mind. The CERVO Mountain Resort is a journey within a journey – when do you start yours?” – Cervo

Whether you’re nestled in at Cervo or the Schloss Zermatt, we’ll share meals and embrace yoga practices at Cervo’s welcoming space. We fell in love with this location for its heartwarming community and stunning facilities, including award-winning restaurants, alpine casual luxury , beautiful yoga studios, a rejuvenating ashram spa, and so much more.


We believe that true transformation and healing arise when one is fully immersed in the outdoors and natural world. To guide you through your unfolding journey, we will be accompanied by Tonya, Maeva & Carole, who will be offering meditative walks,  vibrant ‘Shake the Dust’ sessions, Yoga Sculpt, Vinyasa Flow, Yin  and other surprising practices during the retreat. They will lead the entire program and seamlessly connect all aspects of the retreat, allowing you to relax and delve deeper into your personal growth.

The Matterhorn is Calling

At the foot of the mystical Matterhorn, take in and embrace the magnificence of the world’s most spectacular settings. We invite you to join us outdoors  and celebrate the splendor and healing  of the alpine  nature. From hiking to e-biking, meditative walks to vibrant ‘Shake the Dust’ sessions with our loving Maeva, our schedule is intentionally kept secret to surprise you each day, ensuring you’re fully present and engaged with the natural world. .



14th - 18th of September 2024

Single room 

CHF 2,800

Double room

CHF 2,200

triple room

CHF 1,800

Single room 

CHF 2,000

Double room

CHF 1,500

triple room

CHF 1,300

What is included

Alpine Luxury Accommodations at Cervo or Schloss Zermatt 

All Transport, including to and from the train station of Zermatt

Wholesome Meals and Refreshments (excluding alcohol)

Unlimited Spa Access during your Stay

Full use of the Gym

2x Daily Yoga Sessions led by Tonya, Maeva & Carole
Mountain E-Bike OR Kick Bike ExperienceGuided Hikes and Walking Meditations

An Interactive Wild Fermentation Workshop OR A Gorge Adventure

5-lakes Nature Exploration

Plus a Multitude of Delightful Surprises!



Extra drinks and food / All additional activities


Arrival in Zermatt: Starting at 14pm on Saturday, September 14, 2024

Departure: Ending at 12pm on Wednesday, September 18, 2024

Days Off Required: two

Travel Options: Your choice of train or car (we will facilitate carpooling

Secure your spot now!

We can’t wait to embark on this breathtaking journey with you and create memories that will last a lifetime.



In Bali, even during the rainy season, the rain is sporadic and light, often limited to 2-3 hours and typically in the mornings, and not every day. The days are mostly sunny, providing a perfect balance for our retreat activities.

At both Cervo and Schloss, luxury awaits you. No matter if you’re alone, sharing, or with two others, your room will be a haven of comfort. Fancy an upgrade? Just drop us a line at info@yogaflame.ch.

You’ve got two easy options: by car or train, both under 3 hours from Geneva or Lausanne. Taking the train? There are great discounts  with a half-fare card, or ‘super-saver- fares. Change at Visp and head to Zermatt’s heart. Driving? Park at Täsch, then a quick train ride gets you to Zermatt, and both hotels are a stone’s throw from the station.

Absolutely! We’ll set up a WhatsApp group a week before our retreat to coordinate rides. Perfect for planning your trip with other participants!

We recommend landing in either Milan or Geneva, Base or Zurich for the smoothest journey to us.

There’s a secret path we’ll share once you’re here, which makes it a quick under-10-minute walk between the two.

Yes! Our retreat is designed to welcome yogis of all stages. Whether it’s your first time on the mat or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll find guidance tailored just for you.

Yes, absolutely! We welcome your partner or family members to stay with you during the retreat. We can tailor the package to include only accommodation and F&B for them, ensuring a comfortable stay while you participate in the retreat. Please make sure to mention your need for a personalized offer for your accompanying guest(s) when you register.

They sure are! Plus, we’ve got options for those preferring shorter stints, ensuring you can fully relish the entire program at your own pace. 

Our buffet has it all, and we mean it. Whatever your dietary needs, we’ll make sure you’re more than satisfied. Just let us know what you need in the future Whats’App group that will be created about a week before the adventure starts!

Essential yoga gear, comfortable outdoor/hiking  clothes,  cosy clothes for the cool evenings, your swimsuit for spa and lake dips, comfy trekking or trail running shoes, water bottle, backpack, and if you like, hiking poles. The trails are friendly for all, no experience required.

Want more mountain magic? Let’s talk. We’ll sort out an extended stay for you at a great rate. Just email us at info@yogaflame.ch.

Definitely! If you already have a place to stay, you’re welcome to join the retreat without the accommodation part. We’ll adjust the total cost accordingly. Just drop us an email at info@yogaflame.ch to let us know, and we’ll take care of the rest.

For additional questions or support, please reach out to Carole at info@yogaflame.ch or via Instagram at @karolancita. She’s always ready to assist.