Story of Hot Yoga 

The History of Hot Yoga and an in-depth look at its standing postures 

After a discussion about the Guru lineage of Hot Yoga, we will break down the standing postures in the Bikram and Barkan Method series. Alignment tips, modifications and amplifications will be offered as well as the benefits of the individual postures.

Workshop with Marit Tinguely

Sat 18th Nov. // 2pm – 4:30pm


Marit began her yoga practice while living in New York and working as an executive in advertising. Originally a method to reduce stress and sweat out the toxins of the city, she fell in love with Hot Yoga. In the summer of 2012, she completed her first training with Jimmy Barkan and today is considered one of his most senior teachers in Europe. She follows his approach that: “Yoga is not about the pose, it’s about the body.” Marit offers hands on adjustments specific to the alignment of the individual. Her classes are challenging, yet healing, and with any luck a lot of fun.