Frequently Asked Questions

Your First Time

For your first visit, here are the steps to register:

  1. Go to the home page
  2. Select a class from the list and click “book”
  3. Follow the process and create your personal account

We accept cash and cards, except the Postcard. You need to have a valid payment method or pricing option to register to the week-end classes.

If you aren’t really into screens, you have the option to fill a subscription form before your first class at reception.
However, we highly recommend you to create your account online.

We provide you a yoga mat, an eQua towel for your mat and a face towel for free. We do rent shower towel for CHF 3.-

In terms of facilities, there are changing rooms with showers, hair and body shampoo and hair-dryers available. If you would like to keep your belongings secured, bring a large padlock with you.

Other than that, we mainly suggest you to bring comfortable yoga clothes to sweat and an empty water bottle.

Make sure you drink a good amount of water, before and after the practice to keep hydrated.

All our classes are accessible to everybody as instructors give modifications for beginners.
However, we do recommend you to start with one of the following classes: Barkan, Vinyasa, Yin or Pilates.

If you need more info on class descriptions, we did create useful maps to help you choose the class that suits you the best on the classes page

Hot Yoga is a unique journey that deserves to be tried few times to realize how beneficial it is to practice regularly. We do not offer a first class trial.

We offer better. Every member has the right to access a single time our Welcome Offer to try unlimited classes during 14 days. It costs the price of 2x classes. Get ready to jump straight into your routine!

Subscriptions and pricing options

All our online offers are accessible only if you pay upfront.

However, we do offer the possibility to pay a yearly subscription in 12 months. It is an Easy’12 contract only accessible by email: namaste@yogaflame.ch.

Write us if you are interested in purchasing this contract. Here are the prices for a yearly Easy’12 contract:

Lausanne : CHF 180 x 12 months

Geneva : CHF 200 x 12 months

Once your purchase an offer online or at the studio:

  • Subscriptions starts to run the day of your first visit
  • Packs starts to expire when you use the first class

Please note, there is an expiration date if you buy a pack:

  • 10x classes – 6 months
  • 20x and 30x classes – 12 months

You have the possibility to share your pack with family and close friends whenever you come at the studio. You will just have to mention at the reception that you offer one of your classes to your beloved one. Make sure you booked by email for both of you before coming though 

We do offer holidays suspensions for 6 and 12 months subscriptions:

  • 2 weeks for a 6 months suspension
  • 4 weeks for a 12 months suspension

In case of medical issue, we can freeze all offers for the period written in the medical certificate. You can send an email with the copy of your medical certificate to: namaste@yogaflame.ch

All full time students have 15% off to all offers except the welcome offer which is already a discounted offer.

Discounts are only applicable if you purchase an offer at the studio. You have to show your student card to the person at the front desk. At any time, we have the right to ask you again to show this card.

No, we propose personalized gift cards at the studio. Send us an email to namaste@yogaflame.ch if you have a specific request.

All Geneva pricing options are also valid for the Lausanne studio.
Make sure you select the right option if you are interested in sharing your time between both cities.

NO REFUND for classes or workshops, but if you cannot attend the booked event, your purchase can be converted into credits. Drop a line to namaste@yogaflame.ch so we can help you.

Schedule and booking policies

In general, we keep a regular schedule. You can download the weekly planning on the home page. You can always check the real-time schedule when you book your spot through the online booking platform. It is always open 3 weeks in advance.

In exceptional cases, if we do cancel a class, you will be informed by email or SMS.

The schedule is lighter during holidays season. Make sure you always check the online booking platform if you want to ensure your class is on track.

If you see a fully booked class, you can still register for the waiting list. If there is a late cancellation, you will be automatically redirected to the class. 

We always keep 2,3 extra mats. If you arrive early, you get more chance to take a spot.

We have sometimes fully booked classes and in respect to others, it is important to register only if you are 100% sure to come. We prefer that you book last minute if you are not sure to attend a class.

If you did book your spot and need to cancel it, do it 5 hours before the beginning of the class. We do not accept late cancellation sent by email, SMS or whats’app.

If you did cancel late or no show to a class, you might get a strike if it was a fully booked class with people who potentially couldn’t attend to a class.

You can check all the rules of late cancellation in our terms and conditions.

Every booking should be on someone’s name, if the person does not have an account but wants to come, please email namaste and we will book that person under your own.

My physical condition

We do not recommend that you come practice during the first trimester.

After the first trimester, if you are used to practice Yoga and if you have the validation of your doctor, we highly recommend you to come practice Bikram classes. It will help you to maintain a strong back until the due term and keep you in shape. Check our modified sequence for pregnant women.

Of course, all the other friendly beginner classes are also recommended if you do know how to modify postures, avoid usually deep abs workout, deep torsions and prone poses. Inform your instructor about your condition before the class so she/he can give you some standard modifications.

We believe that when we sweat, there is a detoxification effect through the skin, through the body, but also in the mind. The concentration comes naturally, because of the untypical atmosphere created in the room, the muscles are warmed quicker, and it prevents muscles injuries but also helps extend the muscles in a deeper way, which improves the flexibility at the end.

The overall experience is more a work-out than a traditional yoga session, which stimulates also the entire metabolism and the blood pressure. The relaxation is pretty much intense. There are many more benefits, but it can change from one person to another, as we are all different. The only way to discover is to try it!

Hot Yoga is definitely friendly beginner and a great way to start doing yoga.

We do offer mostly dynamic classes so you have to get ready to feel the practice as having a workout on a warm summer day.

Concerning health concerns, should you have low/high blood pressure or serious heart conditions, only exercise in accordance with what your doctor recommends.

You can practice every day! We’ve hosted challenges were practitioners came everyday for a month and they loved it! The more often you come, the faster you build up on your practice and will see and feel results. 

Every health insurance has their own policies in terms of contribution. We do know that most of complimentary insurances allow a contribution when you do purchase an offer at Yoga Flame.

The easier is to send them your receipt and ask them to follow up with us if they need further information. 

We accept teenagers above 16 to come and join our classes with parental permission. 

Life at the studio

You can find all details about your account, visit hitory and planning by clicking on Mon Compte or My Account on the top right corner of any of the schedule widget. 

We do have a sanctuary of water bottles and lost items at the studio. We keep lost items up to one month and give them to charity if there are not collected in time.

Our front desk staff will show you lost & found. Please come back as soon as possible to review our lost & founds.