Yoga Au Travail

Offrez du bien-être à vos collaborateurs,
que ce soit sur le lieu de travail,
dans l'un de nos studios ou à travers notre plateforme en ligne

La santé au coeur de votre entreprise

Offrez du bien-être à vos employés, que ce soit sur le lieu de travail,
dans l’un de nos studios ou via notre plateforme en ligne.

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The current situation brings its share of changes and concerns. Your teams can develop various reactions related to stress, anxiety or depression. Discover our offer of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation or tailor-made Corporate Seminars.

Our Promise: A Pathway to Balance

Yoga Flame offers its members the opportunity to explore a more open, inclusive, and diverse world of balanced living. Enjoy access to the best teachers, coaches, beautiful studios, and transformative experiences. Start your journey with small steps towards holistic wellbeing.

Core proposition

Tailored Presentations With Practical Exercises

Tailor-made presentation & workshop: showing exercises that can easily be repeated at home after a long working day to strengthen our backs and tonify our bodies in general. Also some exercises to get rid of the typical issues we develop due to the long seating position such as neck problems, including postural advise at work.

Nutrition Training

Nutrition training evidence based aligned with the teachings of Basel University.

Personalized Health Checks: Job Stress, Burnout Risk

Anonymized health checks that will allow to judge the risk of burnout. Firms may decide to offer tailored help for those who are in the red zone. The prevention of one burnout can save up to 5 times the annual compensation in total cost.

Postural Advice and Stress Management

Postural advise and stress management at the workplace.

Personal Health Coaching

Ready to change your habits?

Do you want to get rid of old habits and replace them with alternatives that are good for you? Then you’ve come to the right place! With Personal Health Coaching, we accompany people on their way to a sustainably healthy and active lifestyle.

Holistic Therapie Osteopathy, Shiatsu, Energetic Practices

Holistic consultation including osteopathy, shiatsu and energetic practices, for any physical/physiological or psycho-emotional problems with the intention either of restoring a state of health and well-being, or of maintaining this state.

Rest & Restore - Live Online

« Rest and Restore » involves practices like restorative yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, conscious breathing (pranayama), mindfulness meditation, breathwork, Yoga Nidra and prioritizing quality sleep. These techniques help rejuvenate the body and mind, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being, essential for preventing burnout and sustaining energy levels amidst busy schedules. Taking breaks from screens also aids in relaxation and mental clarity, contributing to a balanced and resilient lifestyle.

Going Further:

YF Studio Classes

Yoga Flame offers its members the opportunity to explore a more open, inclusive, and diverse world of balanced living. Enjoy access to the best teachers, coaches, beautiful studios, and transformative experiences, starting your journey with small steps towards holistic wellbeing.

Explore Your Unconscious Self - ZRM Method

In this workshop you will learn how to communicate with your unconscious and align it with your conscious mind. You will unite emotion and reason, hear about the brain processes involved in decision making and how your body can assist you in realising your goals.

For both mental and physical health.

Rendez-Vous With Your Breath

During the practice, we will learn to handle & master the voluntary part of the breath through different exercises.

To close the session, we will take time to explore together questions, wishes, or concerns you may have after practicing.


During this session, we will first take a moment to explain and share the key concepts of Breathwork then, take time for grounding and connect with each other before getting to the heart of the subject, Breathe.

As an ending, for those who want to share their impressions or have questions, wishes, or concerns, we will take the time to answer them.

HealthEXPO Basel - 25 May 2024

Welcome to Switzerland’s largest health celebration day!
Discover the latest developments and trends in the healthcare industry at HealthEXPO 2024. It presents a variety of exhibitors from the areas of health, nutrition, fitness and an exciting congress program with renowned experts. Due to high demand, there are over 20 health check-ups available in the CheckUp Zone. By the way, entry is free.

Tailor Made Presentations and Workshops

Innovative presentations & workshops on topics of nutrition, sport & exercise and mental health. SalutaCoach is a start-up of the Universtiy of Basel advising companies in the effective implementation of health-promoting measures.

« Sleep – the most important one third of our lives »
« Small steps, big impact »
« ⁠Mental health snacks »

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