Our Story



As we sit down to reflect on our journey, it’s hard to fathom just how much we have grown. We, Pascal and Carole, co-founders of the first Yoga Flame studio living in Lausanne, Switzerland, longed for adventure and exploration. We set out to see the world and discovered the beauty of South East Asia.

It was during our travels that we were introduced to Hot Yoga. It quickly became a passion and addiction that we simply had to share with our friends back home. We thought we were just bringing a new way of practicing yoga in a heated room, but little did we know that it would grow into so much more.


Yoga Flame quickly became, much more than a hot yoga studio, it became a hub of community and connection. Members were growing and evolving together, and our teachers were sharing their best practices and learning from their students. It was organic and authentic, with everyone taking care of one another.


Now, when people walk through our doors, they feel at home. There’s an energy and sense of support that’s palpable, and everyone is equal. We simply aim to foster an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone can grow and flourish.

As we navigate the post-pandemic world, we’re thrilled to say that we’ve emerged stronger than ever before. Our amazing team creates magic every day. We’ve welcomed new shareholders on board, Stefan and Maeva who are also planting seeds into our growing family. We’ve expanded our offerings to include a presence online with our Academy platform, yoga@work, private sessions, and even Yoga Fest’ Retreats in Bali collaborating with inspiring teachers based over there bounding with our team based in Switzerland.

“We’ve been inspired by our community every step of the way, and everything we do is with their growth in mind. We aim to continue spreading organically, and we’re excited to open our first official Yoga Flame franchise in Bern soon!”


Our ultimate goal is to spread our seed organically but surely in a conscious way honouring our values and make a real impact. We’re excited to continue evolving our services and deepening our connection with our community so that we can serve others in a bigger way.

Our journey has been nothing short of incredible, and we look forward to see what the future holds. Whether you’re brand new to yoga, or you’ve been practicing for years, we welcome you with open arms.

“Together, let’s keep growing and evolving, one breath at a time.”