Event Maestro & People Connector

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360° Scheduling & HR Recruter
Mastering our 360° scheduling, from events to retreats, hand-in-hand with our top-notch teachers.

Yoga Event Curator
Designing memorable yoga experiences, from retreats to the 2024 summer TTC launch.

Brand Narrative Crafting
Lending our DNA touch to our Yoga Flame storytelling, closely working with Marketing & Operations.

What sparked your yoga journey and how did it begin?

From the very start, intuition has been my compass. When I first stepped into the world of yoga, it wasn’t just about the poses or meditation. There was an unmistakable pull to co-exist in sacred spaces where like-minded souls could come together, exploring the deeper dimensions and lifestyle of yoga meanings. My purpose was unshakable, and from it, Yoga Flame ignited.

Today, I see Yoga Flame not just as yoga studios, but as a sanctuary. It’s a testament to unity, a place where shared values, vision, and missions resonate. We’re here to discover balance, explore diverse traditions, and embark on a transformative journey to our best selves.

For Yoga Flame and its community, there are no ceilings. We’re about breaking barriers and endless exploration. As I often find myself saying, “Together, we can achieve anything.” We have the power to foster inclusivity, resilience, and deep-seated kindness, all the while working towards a more compassionate world.

This, for me, is only the beginning. Every step is a heartbeat, echoing the rhythm of my dharma.

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