Legal, Finance & Operations Manager

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I am member of the Yoga Flame Board of Directors (BoD). My responsibilities include Operations, Quality, Legal & Insurances, Finance & Business Reporting, and Crisis Management.

What is your purpose in life and how does it benefit others in your community?

I believe that conscious knowledge and awareness of our values and their relative importance empowers us in our lives, professionally and privately. I am motivated by creating a ‘return on’ culture built on clear values and purpose. A large part of my enjoyment at work comes from interaction with others and being able to help them.

Yoga is for me a means to help people feel empowered in their lives. As a yogi, I am rooted in science and follow the healing Calcutta lineage of hot yoga. Passionate about philosophy, health and nutrition, I aspire following a Jnana yoga path of knowledge. I continue to learn every day and love to share my knowledge with others.

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