How do you inspire others to grow and evolve in their yoga practice?

My own attraction to the yoga practice began at the moment I understood that practicing yoga is a lifetime journey that ripples off the mat.

I think that our own Yoga practice entails a reflection of ourselves. Of who we are at that present moment , of how we feel physically and mentally, of the patterns of our thoughts, of our inner chat and its character, of our habitual patterns. And it folds in how we come to class, where our mind is, how we move, the Asanas we choose to take, the ways we hold a postures and move in between them.

Every time we step on the mat holds an opportunity to have a look at ourselves, to observe, and to communicate with that being we see. A journey towards getting to know ourselves better, getting better at knowing how we feel.
And when we see ourselves in a clearer light we can choose how to act, how to respond, or at least try. Time and time again.

A journey through we can constantly grow, gain tools for our daily lives, in good days as in harder times. And that is for me what differentiates the Yoga practice from any other physical activity. And being part of a yogi community such as Yoga Flame offers us a unique space in which we can deepen our practice, while being embraced and surrounded by beautiful beings that are sharing with us this explorative path.


Pack de Yoga Prénatal avec Christelle

Pour vivre ta grossesse plus sereinement, te connecter à ton corps et à ton bébé, je te propose quelques séquences adaptées à la physiologie et spécialement créées pour les femmes enceintes. Ces séquences sont basées sur la méthode Bernadette De Gasquet, recommandée pour l’accompagnement physiologique de la femme enceinte. Tu trouveras dans ce pack, quelques séquences de yoga dynamiques, des séquences plus douces, des séquences ciblées selon les maux de grossesse : mal de dos, besoin de créer…

CHF 70