What inspired you to become a yoga teacher and how did you get started?

Music has accompanied me since my earliest childhood and it was both my first teacher and my first therapist. It is through music that I explore the body every day and constantly wonder about its mysteries; it is also thanks to music that I was able to meet practitioners and teachers from all backgrounds and then begin to train myself in order to accompany those who wish, on their path to health and well-being. Traditional Chinese Medicine via Shiatsu allowed me to discover that pedagogy is essential during each treatment and that is why I wanted to create, in parallel with my therapeutic practice, a collective practice combining Yin Yoga and Do-In (self-acupuncture). I aim to open a space for sensory exploration, sharing, and the search for individual autonomy which is supported by the energy of the group.

My teaching journey started when i created my own studio « des Soins & des Arts » in Paris in 2019 and continues here in Switzerland since last August. I really appreciate being part of the Yoga Flame community and I am grateful to be able to share with you what life teaches me on a daily basis through the practice. 

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Pack de Yoga Prénatal avec Christelle

Pour vivre ta grossesse plus sereinement, te connecter à ton corps et à ton bébé, je te propose quelques séquences adaptées à la physiologie et spécialement créées pour les femmes enceintes. Ces séquences sont basées sur la méthode Bernadette De Gasquet, recommandée pour l’accompagnement physiologique de la femme enceinte. Tu trouveras dans ce pack, quelques séquences de yoga dynamiques, des séquences plus douces, des séquences ciblées selon les maux de grossesse : mal de dos, besoin de créer…

CHF 70