How do your personal philosophy and meaning of life align with your yoga teachings?

I think that my personal philosophy is to accept that you are in a constant growing and constant transformation. That life is a path and what it counts it’s the journey and not the destination. I always try to teach my students that the most important thing in yoga is not the final posture but the work you put in the body to get there. The odyssey of transformation, the attitude of the mind to allow yourself to breathe and let the body open and reach its goal.

In life, we are in constant chaos and our resiliency to survive and adapt is forged by our ability to react. It’s the same philosophy we have when we enter the hot room, knowing that we need to control the mind and surrender to the pain and frustration of being out of our comfort zone to achieve the class. And for me that’s the most important lesson I taught practicing yoga and that I want to pass thru my teachings. Resilience, reaction, and constant transformation.


Pack de Yoga Prénatal avec Christelle

Pour vivre ta grossesse plus sereinement, te connecter à ton corps et à ton bébé, je te propose quelques séquences adaptées à la physiologie et spécialement créées pour les femmes enceintes. Ces séquences sont basées sur la méthode Bernadette De Gasquet, recommandée pour l’accompagnement physiologique de la femme enceinte. Tu trouveras dans ce pack, quelques séquences de yoga dynamiques, des séquences plus douces, des séquences ciblées selon les maux de grossesse : mal de dos, besoin de créer…

CHF 70