Power Flow

What are your emotions and thoughts before, during, and after teaching a yoga class?

You see, emotions and thoughts are distractions that prevent us from accessing the deeper levels of our consciousness. When we get caught up in our emotions and thoughts, we lose touch with our true nature, which is pure awareness and being.
Therefore, instead of focusing on our emotions and thoughts, we should strive to be fully present in the moment and connect with the essence of yoga, which is union with the divine. This requires us to let go of our ego and surrender to the flow of life.

Before teaching a yoga class, I like to take a few moments to center myself and connect with my inner being. This is helping me to approach my teaching from a place of peace and clarity.

During the class, we teachers should stay present and focused on the practice itself, rather than on your thoughts and emotions. This will enable us to guide our students with greater skill and effectiveness.

After the class, I enjoy taking some time to reflect on the experience and connect with the deep sense of peace and fulfillment that arises from being in service to others. Remember, that emotions and thoughts are merely distractions from our true nature. By letting go of these distractions, we can access a deeper level of awareness and consciousness, which is the essence of yoga. This is the main topic in all my classes.


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