Embodied Flow
Somatic Yin
Sunrise Flow

As a yoga facilitator, what do you hope for the future of our world and the generations to come?

“As a yoga facilitator since 2009 (and a yoga practitioner since 2003), as a humanitarian & public health professional, as a woman, and much more, I am reaching a point in my life where taking a step back and adding some depths in my thinking and actions means more than blindly and naively following what I have been conditioned to follow. My hope for the World, my hope of the world of Yoga, is to be tolerant and inclusive, to inspire authentic paths to unfold, bowing at everyone’s uniqueness. My hope is to give space for experiencing your truth over truth telling or dogmatic approaches. My hope for all, and for myself, is to stay open to all possibilities, trying to veer off judgment. My hope for all, and for myself, is to contribute to the building of bridges between all our perceived differences, and to nourish spaces for everyone to bloom, in their own way, in their yoga practices. La voie du milieu. There is not a unique way, there are multiples, for everyone to be and practice as they are, as they like. Whatever works for you, just do that. As simple as that. And I commit, as a yoga facilitator, to support you in being more you. I will always share my perceptions, and never the truth. You are your own truth in connection with everyone else’s truth.”


Shake the dust with Maeva

This is a transformative, embodied, workout of the body & mind. Portal to you, through guided poetic universe with themes. This practice combines shaking, jumping, dancing, intuitive movement, somatics, some yoga & Pilates not to mention a playlist carefully crafted to entice you to move & feel.