What sparked your yoga journey and how did it begin?

I discovered yoga in 2006, at the end of my university studies. During this demanding period, my body and mind gradually began to feel the benefits of the practice: I slept better, was more focused and better able to cope with the stress of academia and my entry into professional life.
In 2009, I moved to Stockholm and landed by chance in a Bikram Yoga studio. In Sweden, it’s the coldest winter in 60 years, it snows non-stop and the days without light quickly take their toll on my mind. My first class was like a bomb. A new universe opens up to me.
And I go back. Every day. For several years.
Since then, this practice has become part of my life, part of my daily routine. It’s in my body, in my head. It gives me strength, balance and discipline. It shows me my limits, but also how to overcome and manage them. Thanks to yoga, I’m more connected to myself, and therefore better connected to those around me. And for me, yoga is all about that. Being at ease with yourself, and with others. Sharing energy, love and kindness, while giving the best of yourself at all times. Simply being well and being there.


Pack de Yoga Prénatal avec Christelle

Pour vivre ta grossesse plus sereinement, te connecter à ton corps et à ton bébé, je te propose quelques séquences adaptées à la physiologie et spécialement créées pour les femmes enceintes. Ces séquences sont basées sur la méthode Bernadette De Gasquet, recommandée pour l’accompagnement physiologique de la femme enceinte. Tu trouveras dans ce pack, quelques séquences de yoga dynamiques, des séquences plus douces, des séquences ciblées selon les maux de grossesse : mal de dos, besoin de créer…

CHF 70